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Topics: Management, Learning, SWOT analysis Pages: 27 (6319 words) Published: November 15, 2014

Assignment Title: Portfolio for Study Skills for Distance Learners

Student Name:

Gerard O’Sullivan

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Unit Title:

Study Skills

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Unit Tutor:

Patricia Kenneally-Forrester

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Contents Page Number

1. Introduction to Portfolio3

2. Activity 1 – Developing Learner Independence 4

2.1 Introduction & Discussion4

2.2 Inventory - Approach to Learning5

2.3 Reflection – Activity 17

3. Activity 2 – Time Management7

3.1Introduction & Discussion7

3.2 Questionnaire – How well do you work?9

3.3 Reflection – Activity 210

4. Activity 3 – SWOT Analysis10

4.1 Introduction & Discussion10

4.2 Personal SWOT Analysis Grid12

4.3 SWOT Mitigation13

4.4 Reflection – Activity 313

5. Activity 4 – Personal Action Plans14

5.1 Introduction & Discussion14

5.2 Personal Action Plan- Independence as a learner15

5.3 Reflection – Activity 418

6. Reference List 19

7. Activity 5 – Essay 23

7.1Effective Time Management –
A strategy for stress reduction23

7.2Reference List27

8. Conclusion to Portfolio28

1. Introduction
This study skills portfolio will allow insight for the reader to assess how the author will personally develop himself; it also provides an opportunity for the author to explore his current skillset, within a scholastic forum. It gives an indication of the shortfalls that he may have as he embarks upon the full programme of study. Distance Learning is not the favoured style of the author however, in his desire to achieve a BSc (Hons) in Logistics Management, whilst serving in the military in the Netherlands, learning from a distance is his only option at this stage of his career; a credible objective within the context of “SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Trackable” (Blanchard et al, 1985, 89). In 1974 the author attained an 11+ Examination pass allowing him the opportunity to commence at a boy’s only Grammar School. During his first year he struggled to retain academic principles and continued in this vein until he left to work at a removals company. Attaining GCE O-Levels in English Language and Mathematics was a lower attainment than he was capable of achieving at the outset of his Secondary Education. Twelve years later, with a more mature regard for learning and following four years of part-time study, he achieved a HNC in Business and Finance. Successive Management and Leadership courses, as well as a three-year period whereby the author was a Trainer of Trainers for the MoD, resulted in him having the confidence to undertake this programme. In a thought-provoking paper (Diaz and Cartnal,1999), the differences between “the needs of online learners” and those physically undertaking studies at a faculty were explored. They referred to the outcomes of the Learning Style Inventory (Kolb, 1984), subsequently developed as a model from the Learning Style Questionnaire (Honey and Mumford, 1986). Supporting the view that Activists prefer to learn by doing, Theorists lean towards analysis, Pragmatists prefer to put learning into practice and Reflectors favour observation and to think about the learning; they also concluded that these are not to be solely used as the foundation for planning the learning needs of students on distance learning courses. The author intends to attain academic recognition for greater reflection and deeper insight into his chosen subject. Having been involved in logistics, in excess of 26 years within the RAF, he feels that it would be a gratifying accomplishment to attain a degree from the knowledge acquired during that time. Excited by the prospect of being able to “make a personal connection to a boring subject, on a personal level” (Moore...
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