Sample Statement of Purpose for MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management program

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Sample Statement of Purpose for MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management program

Statement of Purpose
Name: xxxxx xxxxxx

Having done an inspiring four-year course in Business Economics, combined with two years of practical experience in Export Business Company, I would like to put to use this knowledge to do my Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Mae Fah Luang University (MFU). This would give me the leading edge in technology and the practical low-down and information I require. For this, research would be of prime importance with hands on experience in real time applications accompanied by in-depth knowledge of the subject.

The days of my undergraduate study at Kasetsart University helped me to get sound knowledge and firm grasps over the underlying principles of subjects like Business Economics, Marketing Management, Operation Management, and Business Research, and has equipped me with the necessary prerequisites for a formal graduate course. In the last semester I got the chance to pursue a project related to Agricultural Products Supply Chain Management with the Royal Project at Chiang Mai province. In this project, I worked on the implementation of Business Simulation/Economics model using Object Oriented Programming. I gained a lot from this project. The more tangible benefits have been a deeper insight into agriculture and working of microprocessor and thorough business/economics programming skills.

During my first job as a Export company, I acquired a great deal of knowledge about International Business, International Trade, International Logistics Management, and logistics and supply chain controlling methodologies. I attended a series of trainings and workshops focusing on the logistics and supply chain management and international business as well as the practical use of these systems. In addition, I was responsible for the overall implementation and maintenance of my family business. Working on these...
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