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Topics: Reinforcement, Reward system, Operant conditioning Pages: 3 (1167 words) Published: October 20, 2014

1. Gerald Mahoney’s attitude and performance dramatically changed after a few months on the job. What type of training should Mahoney have immediately received from John Timmson that might have avoided this?

Gerald should have received some type of on-the-job training that goes over ever piece of detail that needs to be attended to. John left everything up to Gerald then eventually got upset when business was not being taken care of. The reason for on-the-job training, is because John can use the opportunity of OJT to really teach Gerald how he wants the store ran, and what transactions he want done on a daily basis.

2. Assuming Timmson keeps Mahoney as the store manager, what would be the steps he institutes in the training process?

His first step would be to prepare the trainee. Assuming that Timmson should use an interactive/case method that will help Timmson change the way Mahoney deals with certain situations. The pros of this solution would be the effectiveness of the training method and Mahoney’s increased task performance. However, the cons would be that the training would be very costly and time consuming. The second step would be to present Mahoney with the task. Timmson would perform all of the tasks while explaining each step several times. Once Mahoney seems to have the steps memorized Timmson would ask Mahoney to explain each step while Timmson is performing them. Timmson should also prepare a written list of all steps and tasks and give it to Mahoney. The third step would be to allow Mahoney to perform all tasks on his own. Maloney would perform all tasks while explaining each step and then Timmson would correct any errors that he sees. The final and last step would be to follow up. Timmson would provide any help that is necessary while Mahoney is on the job. Timmson would gradually leave Mahoney alone and check quality and quantity frequently. Depending upon how well Mahoney performs the task, and then Timmson would let up on checking...
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