Geojedo Korea

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Geojedo is Korea's second largest island. Just off the most southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula, the island is known as being Korea's 'industrious island' and 'tourists' island.' Two of the largest ship-building industries in the world are located here. This being said, it is amazing that most of the island has kept its natural beauty. Ten of the nearby 62 islands are inhabited. Ferries transport visitors between the islands and the mainland offering vistas of clear blue waters, small islands in the distance and natural, unspoiled landscapes. 

Geojedo and its surrounding islands are packed with great spots for tourists to visit. Sightseeing spots include Oedo Paradise Island, Haegeumgang (naturally formed rock sculptures and mountain-like rock islands in the ocean), 62 islands varying in size, and approximately ten beach areas. Other points of interest include Historic Park of Geojedo, P.O.W. Camp, Okpo Great Victory Commemorative Park, and numerous locations with historical artifacts. Of all the destinations, Oedo Paradise Island and Haegeumgang are the most popular among tourists. One of the most unique beaches on Geojedo is Hakdong Pebble Beach. Small rounded pebbles in numerous colors line the beach offering calming sounds as the waves leave the shore. Many television shows take advantage of Geojedo's natural beauty as a backdrop for their shows. Sinseondae Observatory and Dojangpo Maeul (hill) are just two of the many spots that have gained popularity because of this.

Many visitors to Geojedo enjoy taking to the seas to view the Geojedo region, while others take advantage of the views along the coastal highways. Whether by ferry or rental car, Geojedo has it all! A two day trip is ideal for Geojedo. One day can be spent traveling by ferry to Odeo Paradise Island and Haegeumgang, while the second day can be spent driving along the coast, where mountains line the landscape. At least three days will allow visitors to spend their time more leisurely...
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