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Topics: Limestone, Sinkhole, Weathering Pages: 18 (2259 words) Published: April 22, 2015
Caribbean Examination Council (CXC)
Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate

School Based Assignment

Name: Camilla Holgate
School: Meadowbrook High School
Topic: Limestone
Centre Number: 100075
Registration Number:
Year of Exam: 2013-2014
Teachers Name: Mrs. Reid
Title Page

Project Title: Limestone

Name Of candidate: Camilla Holgate

School: Meadowbrook High

Teacher: Mrs. Reid

Territory: Jamaica

Table of Contents


Aim of StudyPg 4

Location of StudyPg 5-6

MethodologyPg 8

Analysis & Discussion
Bog Walk GorgePg 9-11
Bog Walk BridgePg 11
Lluidas ValePg 11-14
Ty DixonPg 15
MoneaguePg 16-17
Effects of LimestonePg 18
Benefits of LimestonePg 18

ConclusionPg 19-20

BibliographyPg 21

Aim of Study

To identify and explain the processes which led to the formation of limestone in the areas of Bog Walk, Lluidas Vale, Ty Dixon and Moneague.


On May 20, a group of 4th form Geography students from Meadowbrook High visited the different limestone areas of Lluidas Vale and The Ty Dixon Caves in St.Catherine, and Moneague in St. Ann’s. I collected data by means of photography and jotting down important details. As well as use of the senses, visual being the most effective, as well as tactile perception which was also effective. We went along to the various stops; I took my notes and asked questions thus elaborating on what I didn’t grasp properly. As the tour guide, Mr. Daley, explained the different features, expounded on their formation as well as provided suggestions for the SBA composition. This information benefits as secondary information. I faced only one challenge which was traversing the landscape in unsuitable footwear and inclement weather. Nevertheless I managed to capture the essence of the areas and their features. I tried to capture the images on the camera as best as I could, by experimenting at different angles, ranges and utilizing close ups to capture the general importance.

Analysis & Discussion

Stop 1: Bog Walk Gorge

Our first stop was along the road within the Bog Walk Gorge, located 5 miles south of the Bog Walk Village one of the oldest historic towns in Jamaica. While at this location, it was evident that the limestone feature formed was composed of pure limestone, because the lighter the rock is in color, is the purer its composition of limestone is. It was also observed that chemical weathering, the change in the chemical structure and sometimes physical appearance of a rock, was acting upon the rock in the form of carbonation. This is the reaction of rainwater, carbon dioxide and limestone to form calcium bicarbonate, a weak carbonic acid which is soluble, making the rock easy to decompose when it comes into contact with water. Clints and Grykes were evident, as visible in figure 1.0, contributing to weathering. Clints and grykes are a result of carbonation in the weaker joints and cracks of a rock leaving ridges and groves. The ridges are Clints and the groves are grykes.

Plate 1.0 (Chemical weathering acting on the rocks)

The entire gorge is rich with lush and varied vegetation which makes for some impressive and dramatic scenery. Another feature formed at the gorge was a cavern, which is a large extensive cave with a deep chamber and interconnecting passages. When the roof of a cave collapses, large depressions called gorges result, hence the name “Bog Walk Gorge”. The gorge was originally an underground river system which collapsed. The cliffs on both sides of the gorge seemed to still possess potential to collapse. The main river has a tributary coming from the Above Rocks District located in St. Andrew. The major river processes in the area are Hydraulic Action, the sheer force of flowing water on the base...

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