Geography( Managing Land Supply)

Topics: Land reclamation, Soil, Landfill Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: July 24, 2013
Managing Land Supply
Land is a scarce resource as:
* Land available for us is rather limited
* There is an increase in demand for different types of land uses by different parties * There are some lands that are not arable or not usable. Relocation of people
* Resettling people to areas that are relatively unused.
* Relieve areas that are suffering from overcrowding or areas with insufficient resources * Example. Indonesia
-Resettlement schemes with provision of incentives to move residents from Java to Kalimantan. Increasing price of land
* The government increases the price of land in order to try to reduce demand for land, award the land to those who can pay for it and use the bidding system to award the use of the land. Increase Land Supply

* Increase in supply allows more land to be available for different land uses. * There are three methods of this.
Land clearance
* Clear land in order to have more space for other land uses. * Fastest and easiest way to increase the amount of land available for development. * Clear land by demolishing old buildings and clear way forest or deforestation to collect wood from chopped trees. Advantages| Disadvantages|

-more land and space-can develop empty space for other uses.| -Deforestation destroys homes to many plants and animals.-Results in soil erosion as there are no more trees to hold the soil together.|

Land reclamation: It is to gain back damaged land or land that is covered with water by treating the area. Landfill
* It is the filling up of an area that is covered in water with sand and gravel. * Create dry land from swampy areas or shallow parts of the sea. Landfill process
1. Dykes or barriers are built. Area is enclosed to be reclaimed to prevent more water from flooding targeted area. 2. Enclosed area is filled with sand, soil, rocks or treated waste materials. Material can be that dredged up from nearby sea or imported. Treated waste can...
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