Genetic Influences on Personality

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‘Genetic influences appear to contribute significantly to the differences between people in personality’. Discuss.

The research carried out in the field of behavioural genetics has indicated, over the course of many studies, that genetic influence has a direct affect on individual differences in personality. Still, behavioural genetics has a lot to provide to the study of personality than inheritability predicts. This paper will discuss a few of the findings from research carried out on behavioural genetics in personality that go beyond the basic question; nature vs. nurture. The findings from the research include genetic continuity and environmental change during development, the impact of shared and non-shared environmental influences on personality and personality as a go-between of genetic influence on environmental measures. There are two general methods that have commonly been employed by behavioural geneticists investigating the genetic influence on personality: twin studies and adoption studies.

Recently, there has been a surplus of behavioural genetic studies in the aetiology, particularly when discussing individual differences in personality. The results conclude that ‘Most personality traits show some genetic influence’; this has now become accepted within the study personality, (Plomin, & DeFries, 1996). A very important discovery in genetic research on personality relates to the environment. It has been stated that genetic aspects are responsible for approximately 20 to 50% of the phenotypic variation in personality. The remaining variation is said to be the cause of environmental aspects. On the other hand, the study of twins and adoption find that shared family environments are accountable for only a small portion of variation in a majority of element of personality (Plomin, & DeFries, 1996).

It is important to note that there are a few aspects of this study that have grown to be quite complex. One of these aspects is the theory and research

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