Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Balance Sheet

Topics: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Balance sheet, Financial ratios Pages: 34 (19531 words) Published: November 1, 2014

Carry Yoki’s Lounge consists of the following. Carry, the owner believed that people would come to hear a band play on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening. During the remainder of the week, she believed her customers would watch sporting events on several television sets located throughout the lounge. Carry employed two bartenders, three servers, two assistant servers, two cooks, one dishwasher and a clean-up person. She had a bar, 15 barstools, 4 tables, 40 chairs, 4 television sets, and one satellite dish. She had an oven, stove, grill, refrigerator, sinks, dishes, and glassware. Carry started this business with $50,000 of her own money, and she borrowed $150,000 from the bank. From this description, list each of the scarce resources that are used in Carry Yoki’s Lounge. Entrepreneurial resource: Carry Yoki.

Labor resources: 2 bartenders, 3 servers, 2 assistant servers, 2 cooks, 1 dishwasher, and a clean-up person. Economic capital resources: 1 bar, 15 bar stools, 4 tables, 40 chairs, 4 television sets, one satellite dish, oven, stove, grill, refrigerator, sinks, dishes, and glassware. Financial capital resources: $50,000 of her own money and $150,000 from the bank. Joe Fixit has an appliance repair business. He has more business than he can handle and wants to hire another repair person. Joe estimates that three appliances can be repaired each hour by a qualified person. Joe bills out labor at $45 per hour, but he stipulates that the minimum charge for appliance repair estimates is $30 plus parts. What is the marginal revenue product of a qualified repair person? 3 appliance repairs per hour times $30 = $90 marginal revenue product. What is the maximum hourly wage that he would pay an employee? Therefore, since we bring in an additional $90 per hour by hiring one more repair person, the maximum wage we would pay is $90. Sam Smith is currently employed as a mechanical engineer and is paid $65,000 per year plus benefits that are equal to 30% of his salary. Sam wants to begin a consulting firm and decides to leave his current job. After his first year in business, Sam's accountant informed him that he had made $45,000 with his consulting business. Sam also notices that he paid $6,000 for a health insurance policy, which was his total benefit during his first year. What was Sam’s opportunity cost? Sam gave up $65,000 in salary plus $19,500 in benefits or a total of $84,500. Sara Lee just graduated from college with a degree in accounting. She had five job offers: Bean Counters CPA, $35,000; Assets R Us, $27,000; The Debit Store, $30,000; J & J’s CPA’s, $33,000; and The Double Entry Shop, $40,000. What was her opportunity cost if she accepted the job with The Double Entry Shop? Sara gave up Bean Counters CPA at $35,000 which was the highest value surrendered. Sam Club earned $50,000 and paid taxes of $10,000. Samantha Heart earned $60,000 and paid taxes of $12,000. If these taxes were paid to the same government agency, is the tax on income progressive, regressive, or proportional? Why did you reach this conclusion? As show below these taxes are proportional because they both paid the same percentage of their income in taxes. 6.You read an article in this morning’s paper that stated inflation was accelerating and would reach six percent this year. If the FED believes this statement and it has set a goal of three percent inflation, what will it likely do at the next meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee? They would most likely raise the discount rate, the federal funds rate, or both. They could also sell more government securities to decrease the money supply. 7.A friend came into your office and said that his bank was out to kill small businesses. You asked him what he meant by this remark, and he said that he read an article that said his bank had just loaned $10 million to a major automobile manufacturer at a rate of 3 percent, which is less than...
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