Gender Role and Doll

Topics: Gender role, Love, Gender Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: April 3, 2013
A Doll's House Essay
Written By: Fares Mohamed
Grade: 12G

1. Themes - Explain - Why
2. Relationships - comment
-Foundations of good & healthy relation

3. Morals & lessons - connect to play
4. Connect play to real world

Marriage: The main message of a doll's house seems to be that a true marriage is a joining of equals.

Woman and Feminity: Nora (The character in Doll's house) has often been one of modern drama's first feminist. Over the course of the play, she break away from the domination of her overbreaking husband, Torvald.

Man and Masculinity: The men of the doll's house are in many ways just trapped by traditional gender roles as the woman (Tarvold) being the cheif for example, The men must be providers.

The Home: When a play is called a Doll's house, chances inside this place people call 'home' might be prevelant theme, but the home is seen as a thing of joy, a place of comfort and shelter for a happy place to be with a happy family, Long story short 'The helmer's home is really more of a prison than a shelter'.

Respect and Reputation: The men in this story are so obsessed with their reputation, some have good standings in their communities and will do anything to keep it, others have lost their good name and would do anything to get it back.

Love: There is much to talk about love in a doll's house, but in the end, the helmer's discovered that true love never exsisted between them. Romantic love even blossoms for two of the secondary characters. However, for the main characters, the Helmers. true romantic love is 'Illusive'

Lies and Deciet: With Nora being in the doll's house, she was all about a person being mostly worried the whole time about her secret being discovered, her absolute terror this revelation leads her to lie after lie. when her web of lies finally caves in around her, her marriage proves too weak to bear the strain.

Money: The characters spend a good deal of time talking about their...
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