“Gender Inequality Exists to Some Extent, in Most Areas of Society, in All Countries of the World”. Geographically Examine This Statement.

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“Gender inequality exists to some extent, in most areas of society, in all countries of the world”. Geographically examine this statement.

Gender inequality refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on the gender. It arises from differences in socially constructed gender roles, behaviors, and activities and attributes that a given society deems appropriate for men and women. For two years Iceland is the number one country for gender equality followed by Norway in second, Finland third and Sweden fifth – showing that the Nordic countries are the best for gender equality. The gender equality gap is measured by looking at politics, education, employment and health.

According to recent studies the highest representation of women in parliament was in Europe, in which 20.56% of parliamentary people were female, and the lowest Oceania in which 7.5% of parliamentary people were women. Women’s political empowerment is very important, and small loans can help improve it. More power means an increase in confidence to change and challenge gender relations. Economically it will mean women have increased access to markets, and increased control over income, assests and resources within the home.

Kuwait is an example of a country trying to solve gender inequality issues and increase women’s empowerment politically, socially, and economically. Women in Kuwait have been given the right to run in local and governmental elections, as well as vote in elections. Sub-Saharan Africa is another area in which women’s empowerment is being promoted. This time through giving women mobile phones to help improve their lives slightly. Statistics show that within Sub-Saharan Africa 300 million fewer men than women have mobiles. So the plan was to issue 150 million mobiles to women across the region. It is thought that mobiles can help with literacy, health programs and project awareness, developing small businesses, and gaining financial independence....
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