Gender Equality

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Gender Equality between Pros and Cons
Who has not heard about “Gender Equality”? Among the mushrooming current issues or topics, there is always demand for open spaces. Actually, it is really a good thing and also a kind of proof that shows a particular result after a period of time, the way of considering something, or opinions of people nowadays become more and more open-minded, willing to consider ideas and opinions that are new or different to be their own. Even, most of the time, you may see that something that is being in discussed, for instance, current affairs, and “Gender Equality” is one among them, seems forcefully, in a way that shows do not expect to be refused. Gender equality is the main means of sex which communicates an idea, feeling, or the right of different groups of people to have a similar social position and receive the same treatment anything else being involved. It is still out of reach for most in all parts of the world. First and foremost gender equality is a human right. One of the purposes of gender equality is to give woman the right to do or have something to live dignity and in freedom from want and from fear. However, we have to look at gender equality in two ways. First, there is actual fact of gender in equality, which can be eliminated as much as possible. Instead, the perception of gender inequality is, as individuals, look at the issue. In that respect, I do not think it will be a possible to make a total move to equality even still inequality point of view of the genders itself. If equitable and sustainable progress is to be achieved, women’s status must be improved, their rights must be respected, and their contributions must be recognized without equality or inequality. In brief, women’s status must be improved without gender equality. Hence, this essay will give the explanation what gender equality is. Each has different strengths and weaknesses.

True gender equality is about giving both genders a chance to be themselves. Education for girls has a catalytic effect on every dimension of development: lower child and maternal mortality rates; increased educational attainment by daughters and sons; higher productivity; and improved environmental management. Together, these can mean faster economic growth and, equally important, wider distribution of the fruits of growth. More education for girls will also enable more and more women to attain leadership positions at all levels of society: from health clinics in the villages to parliaments in the capitals. This, in turn, will change the way societies will deal with problems and raise the quality of global decision making. (James Wolfensohn) This argument is to discuss, each gender has different strengths and weaknesses. Women can perform equally to men at many pieces of work to be done, especially one done regularly, unwillingly or with difficulty, but there are others that physically or biologically impossible. The perception of equality will never be more than a perception. The gender stereotypes, right or wrong, are too deeply fixed something firmly into a substance. The first point in favor of this argument that I would like to make is. Nonetheless, on the other side, gender equality is possible if we change the view way of gender, basically as long as we disregard it. Instead of the contrary rather, gender equality is never going to be possible, basically because there are some things that only men can do and women cannot do. There is a different between women and men that cannot be avoided. As some wise men once said, women should stop seeking equality for they should lose all the advantages. Even if women wear pants, deep down they are always going to be woman. A man can never become woman, nor would women want him to become one. Similarly, all women can do in the most superficial of the ways to imitate men by wearing pants.

Empowering woman is also an indispensable tool for development and make poverty become smaller in...
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