Gender Discrimination

Topics: Gender, Sex, Female Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: February 25, 2014

Good morning to my dear friends and my respected teacher. Today I am going to give a speech on the topic social evils prevailing in our society. There are many social evils prevailing in our society like poverty, dowry, and corruption and so on. Among them I am going to talk about the gender discrimination which is the most common social evil.

Women and men are equally important for the growth and development of individual and social lives. The sex ratio of male and female in the Indian population has been changing and becoming unfavorable towards women. In the Indian society women are considered major contributors to family and society. The women are also subjected to discrimination in learning, dowry deaths and exploitations of various kinds which are very common. The Indian dependence on others (e.g. parents, husbands) becomes fate of the majority of the women folk. They are assigned to take responsibilities and treated as relatively weaker and less competent than men. This image is still prevailing in various sections of the society. The girl child is usually burdened with responsibilities that are beyond her capacity. This situation should be overcomed and there should be equal wages for equal work between both men and women. However, some Indian women like Pandita Rama Bai, Sarojini Naidu, and Indira Gandhi have been able to overcome the barriers in their path and became successful in their life. Today the presence of women in various occupations and public offices are much more prominent than men. However, the Indian society has still to go a long way as for as gender equality is concerned.
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