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This is assignment will discuss detail about countries with their GDP per capita and population growth. An economist like Robert Solow believes that if population increasing then the output will be decreasing. The question is do every countries that decline in population growth is richer than countries that still have higher population growth? Therefore, here we start to examine the famous theory of Robert Solow, Solow model. Is it always right or it only applied for several countries? GDP per capita represent income per person in a country and it reflect the level of output in a country. Population growth is playing important part in a country because some country have their own believe such as, if we have more children we will be more lucky, quality is much important than quantity it means its ok to have children only one or two as long they graduate at university and have good quality life, but some country have policies about family member or how many child each family can have.

Country 1| Country 2|
Afghanistan| Algeria|
Bahrain| Argentina|
Ethiopia| Chile|
Mali| Cote d'Ivoire|
Nepal| Ecuador|
Rwanda| Egypt, Arab Rep.|
Timor Leste| Haiti|

Country 1 = Country with high population growth
Country 2= Country with low population growth
All of these countries are developing countries, where the comparison data is used from 1960 to 2008 for every country

Country with high population growth (Country 1) is a country where the population growth is greater than or equal to zero (>=0). Where as in 1960 to 2008 the population growth is increasing. Country with low population growth (Country 2) is a country where the population growth less than or equal to zero (=<0). It means the population growth from 1960 to 2008 is decreasing. Firstly, we will discuss countries with high population growth (Country 1). Bahrain population growth is the greatest growth between 40 developing countries, the population growth rate is 2.4%....
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