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gay marriage should be illegal of igge

By derekwagner35 Dec 04, 2013 254 Words
Derek WagnerDecember, 3 2013

For a while the thought of homosexuals being able to legally get married has been brought too many people’s attention. People have different ideas on why it should not be legal. What about the people who think it should? The religion someone believes, how people think it will affect children’s lives, and that thinking that marriage is just for a man and a woman only does not matter. Love is love, so why cannot same-sex couples make their love legal like everyone else?

One main reason why some people don’t like gay people relationships is because of their religion is against it.

Religion is one of the main reasons some people do not like the idea of homosexuals having the right to marry. One of the most used arguments about the issue is that God says that same-sex interactions (marriage, sex, lesbian, homosexual acts) are an abomination. How could it be an abomination if people are being themselves? Why would God only hate homosexuals if it says that he loves everyone? The fact that homosexuals will threaten religion is wrong. Some homosexuals follow the Bible that says that God does not love them, but they follow it nonetheless. The church would not be forced to marry homosexuals. They have the right to turn anyone down. Another thing that is said is that homosexuals could just become straight and then get married. Is that fair to make someone love or be with someone they do not feel attracted to?

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