Gatsby & Daisy

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Love Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: May 11, 2014

Many people would think Fitzgeralds book, “The Great Gatsby” is a love story, but when one looks closer into it, it becomes more questionable. When looking at certain facts thought out the book the theme of romance does not come into picture. We find out that Gatsby bought his house so that Daisy would only be across the bay, though his last memory of her was when her saw her for the last time five years ago. Even the weather thinks they are in love as the room is filled with sunshine when they see each other again for the first time. One could easily think that the fact that Gatsby had thought about Daisy all these years and is still “in love” is very romantic and shows how his love is real. Though when the reader begins to get to know Gatsby we learn that he is all about his image. The parties, the car, the money and all that is missing is the girl. He had an image of a man who had it all and that is who he strove to be.

In the book the narrarator explained Gatsby’s view of Daisy, “many men had loved her increased her value in his eyes”. This shows how it wasn’t who she was inside, that Gatsby was in love with, it was her image that he was in love with. He knew that her being with him, would complete his image and that is all Gatsby truly cared about. Just like a popular item that has increased in price due to popular demand, Daisy was a woman in demand that many men wished to be with. This made her more desirable and made Gatsby think of her has the perfect women. Gatsby wanted to be the man that was envied and had the woman of every mans dreams. Gatsby also spends a lot of time admiring her beautiful home which also shows how he loved her status as the richest and most desirable girl rather than her personality. One of the things that keeps Gatsbys eyes on Daisy is the chase. Like I said earlier, she is a woman in demand who has it all and the fact that Gatsby would have to work hard to make an impression on her gets him excited and wanting her even...
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