Garden State

Topics: Recreational drug use, Zach Braff, New Jersey Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Garden State and the Uses of Recreational Drugs

Andrew Largeman is a dysfunctional character from Garden State. Largeman, who hasn’t seen his family and friends in years, comes home due to the passing of his mother. This gives Andrew the time to see all of his friends who he has forgotten about. Largeman goes through life changing events by meeting the girl of his dreams and what the effects are if you do drugs for recreational purposes. The movie Garden State shows how the effects of long-term drug use can have disastrous effects on one’s marriage, friendship, career, and health.

Andrew and Mark head over to Dave’s huge mansion. They were going to party to reunite Largeman with his friends and to have fun. Also there were some girls in whom Dave does not know if they are legal or not. The scene starts with everyone just sitting on the couch in Dave’s house. Nobody really was interacting with anyone, just passing around a joint and smoking a bong. Dave pushes ecstasy onto Andrew’s hand insisting to eat it. Andrew looked a bit weary but gave into peer pressure. The group of friends started to play spin the bottle. This part of the scene consists of kissing each other and while all this is happening everyone, except Largeman, was still taking the pills. Andrew is so messed up on the drugs that he does not even know it is his turn for spin the bottle. He is completely blown away on the ecstasy pills. One of the girls at the party starts kissing Andrew and he eventually passes out. The next morning was a disaster. The house was trashed, and everyone looked like they were hit by a freight train. Largeman had “Balls” written across his forehead and was late for an important doctors appointment. Drugs have the potential to ruin people’s relationships and marriage. At the party scene in Garden State, nobody is engaged in a relationship. There are no boyfriends/girlfriends and no marriages. Once you get addicted to drugs it becomes normal in your everyday...
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