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Topics: Literature, Culture, The Culture Pages: 5 (957 words) Published: October 9, 2014

“Ang Panitikan at Kulturang Filipino”
By: Teresita Perez-Semorlan, Adrian Perez Semorlan, Felina Cañete-Mariño, Edena Cabaron-Rernandez


Submitted To:

Dr. Adrian Perez Semorlan
Sociology Professor

College of Social Sciences
Western Mindanao State University

Submitted by:

Anthony James O. Alavar
Eruel V. Baya
Tita Rose V. Siason
Clea Mae D. Tumaclas

B.S. Architecture V-A
College of Architecture
Literature focuses on the study of literary texts, developing students as independent, innovative, and creative learners & thinkers, who appreciate the aesthetic use of language, evaluate perspectives and evidence and challenge idea and interpretations.

Literature explores how literary works shape the perceptions of the world and enable us to enter other worlds of imagination.

Through literature, we establish and articulate views through creative response & logical argument. We reflect on the literary texts, appreciate the power of language and inquire into relationships between personal preference of texts, authors and contexts through exploration of ideas, concepts, attitudes and values.

The following enumerates the rationale of the book, “Ang Panitikan at Kulturang Pilipino”.


To be able to identify and give meaning to literature.

Identify the different forms of Philippine Literature.

Differentiate the similarities and differences of different forms of literature based on elements and its characteristics.

Have a deeper understanding on the various forms of Philippine Literature.

To be able to differentiate the different forms and kinds of literature for the enrichment of one’s understanding on Philippine culture.

Give importance to the elements and qualities of Philippine Literature through reading.

Give importance to the different aspects of life, be it personal, moral, social, relative to the study of literature. This book is both a study, a research, and the information itself. The basis of the data focuses on the title itself, which points to the Philippine Literature and Culture. Different insights from different authors and culture of the Philippine History were bounded up, carefully and profoundly detailed with the remarks of the authors itself are of the most significance as to the book overview. Philippine Culture is a mixture of cultures from different conquerors, which shaped it to a unique formation of classical and cultural distinction throughout the country. Since there are cultural uniqueness and emphasis of the book’s overall study, it is a very good reference to any individual who would like to pursue the Philippine History. From the passed-down ethnic stories and poems to the height of the changes of the Philippine Literature, and of people who use their literary skills to express their different views towards their own truth and views, this book wrote the wholeness of the culture in respect to the ethnical diversity. As I have observed, the highlight of the book is mostly the works of the Philippine writers who created their own expressions and definitely a work of art, which I must say, I read from the main ideas of the stories they included. Divided into ten chapters, from the relation of Literature and History, the Philippine inherited cultures and traditions, folk narratives, different religious beliefs, literal works, Philippine History itself and how it affects the cultural changes, to the poems and stories of famous personas of Philippine Literature.

In a holistic cultural perspective, the different cultures and traditions, their origin, relationship to each other, uniqueness, and their work of arts greatly shapes the beauty of the Philippine History, Culture and Literature. Despite the difference, the Filipino values are buried deep on every hearts of every tribe, every belief and every religious view of a Filipino towards the literature. We might adapt to different...
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