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By lehaminhthu18694 Dec 04, 2013 354 Words
-Defination: differences between people of a younger generation and their elders, especially between a child and their parent's generation. -Gap generation is more and more today
a. Reasons
- Firstly, there are some different opinions between parents and children of their career, education and love.  •Of ideas on general conduct comprising dress, food habits etc. •Morality, marriage & career

Of tastes on art, music, literature, and in short total outlook. •Imposition of the self-righteous attitude of the older generation on the young. •Biological evolutionary difference
- Development of technology that makes young generation have independent life with. Example: the old think that when you become a wife , you need to take care of everything in your faminly. It's very hard and take a lot of time so you should stay at home. But the young think that she should do social activities, so business like man. However , if they do like that , they don't have enough time for family . As the result , the house work is very confusing. To get balance between family and work is difficult , not everyone can do. This is one of the answer to the bad relationship of mother-in- law and daughter-in-law. Actually, is there " generation gap" or it is just " gap in spirit' Because the young think that they are different from the old , they dont want todepend too much. There is a thought attached in their head that " why we should listen to the old . No , they don't understand" b. Consequences

- The young are not recive the old’s experience. The old have experience, they live longer. - The old do not know way to adapt new environment. The young live in a new period of time so they can understand what is changing. c. Solutions

- The parents should often talk to their children
- Parents and children should have same hobby to exchange information and experiences 3. CONCLUSTION:
All of them had better look into the problem together to contribute their ideas and reach the most common solution. Why don’t we try understanding each other to overcome everything in harmony and happiness

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