Gantt Chart

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Sample Project Phases and Deliverables

This section consists of a suite of potential options broken out by sample phases. While it may be useful for grantees to consider these deliverables in designing their project, the particular suite of deliverables and the organizational structure that is ultimately incorporated will be project-specific. The grantee may also ask the Vendor to provide cost estimates on a per-deliverable basis in the bid response.

Project Plan
Detailed Project PlanWithin ____ business days of the orientation meeting described in Section [#X], the Vendor will update the draft Project Plan from their proposal. For all project tasks, subtasks, and activities, the detailed plan will: Include a schedule and Gantt chart, milestones, and deliverables. Include Vendor and Partner resources that exist as line items within the Project Plan. Include the following date-related information:

a.Originally scheduled start and end dates (including milestones and deliverables) b.Anticipated start dates and end dates for future tasks, subtasks, and activities, if schedule fluctuation has occurred c.Actual start and end dates for all current and completed tasks, subtasks, and activities d.Be updated, at a minimum, weekly and

e.Identify issues that affect deadlines.
Include the purchase of ______[any products required to complete the project] ____ (e.g. Thin-client Mobile Barcode Devices). f.The partner(s) reserves the right to purchase the hardware and software outside of this contract. Phase 1. Project Initiation, Business Process Analysis, Technology Research, Infrastructure Preparation Initiation and Project Management

Contractor’s responsibilitiesDevelop Project Plan, including quality assurance plans Establish a Facilitator to work with the project team
Clarify roles and responsibilities, which include diagramming how deliverables, comments, and outstanding issue will flow between the different project team members and their counterparts within their own agency, along with the format for comments (i.e. blank comment sheet that clearly defines the section being commented on) Establish a mechanism to track all project communications and deliverables and allow the project members to access the information Provide up to ___# WebEx-facilitated conference calls throughout the project duration and facilitate group discussion for all the calls Submit project monthly reports

Partner Staff ResponsibilitiesCoordinate Partner resources needed Provide work area
Define project standards and controls required by the Partner Attend project kickoff
DeliverablesProject plan (including GANTT chart, all steps/tasks, review and revision time frames for documentation (i.e. schedules, plans, and system documentation, and application testing. Estimate of the hours of work required from Partner staff. The Project GANTT chart shall be updated as needed to reflect project status.) One (1) project kickoff meeting via Webex facilitated conference call with partner and federal representatives Host___# conference calls, facilitate discussion and issue conference call and meeting minutes Monthly project reports

Acceptance CriteriaThe project team will approve the project plan, call minutes, and monthly project reports, and then the project manager will approve for final acceptance. Business Process Analysis and Technology Research[Detailed responsibilities relevant to specific project needs, which may include some of the following:] Contractor’s responsibilitiesDevelop Requirements Document Review existing schemas for relevance

Conduct feasibility study and technical evaluation of ________ to determine ______ Document the ________ flow requirements, including national and partner organizational structure, data elements, and business processes for all partners (e.g. generators, transporters, partner agency, and US EPA). The requirements shall be confined to...
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