Gallipoli Anzac Legend

Topics: Australia, Gallipoli Campaign, Anzac Day Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: October 30, 2014
‘During their time on Gallipoli the diggers displayed courage, ingenuity and endured hardship. All of these became the basis of the Anzac legend.’ ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬To what extent do you agree with this assessment of Gallipoli?’

On the 25th of April 1915, 75,000 ANZAC troops were to be landed on the Gallipoli shores. There were a number of battalions that were required to battle their way up the hill and then take over individual areas. Together the Australians and New Zealanders with support from Britain and France failed to capture the Gallipoli Peninsula. During the battle it was depicted by both sides that the war could not be won and there for soldiers were evacuated. Although the battle was arguably lost by the Anzacs, they showed true courage even though they lacked the knowledge of what they were signing up for. Regardless of the failure it revealed the basis of the Anzac legend.

World War 1 was important in shaping Australia's identity because it helped establish Australia as our own country, with our own spirit, culture, and beliefs. Although Australia was not required to fight in World War 1 they did so anyway due to their faith in helping the ‘mother country’, Britain. When Australia went to war they saw it as an opportunity to make their mark in the world considering they did not have greatly major history. Gallipoli was essential to the Anzac legend because it was the first real chance to come together as one nation and forge a proper identity. When the Anzac’s arrived at Gallipoli for the first time they expected to learn from the British and follow in their footsteps but soon grew tired of this. They became resistant to orders but gained many attributes in doing so. They were disliked by many other soldiers but that quickly changed when the Anzacs started to do things in a more efficient way revealing many attributes that we define them with today like courage and ingenuity. “Right from the beginning, English officers complained about the...
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