Gaining a New Friend Is Like Opening a Gift

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Alejandro Derteano
Busot 455
Project II

Part 1
Gaining a New Friend is Like Opening a Gift

¨A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity¨. Friendship is very important in our lives, but sometimes it is like opening a gift because we don't know what will happen over time. There are several similarities between gaining a friend and opening a gift. The first similarity is that getting a new friend can be a good thing and a gift can be a good surprise too. When I came to United States from Peru, I found a true friend who helped me to overcome my problems. I would be lost without her; also, I remember the first time I met my best friend Rita. I didn't know if she would be a kind and lovely person, and I also didn't trust her. While I was getting to know her, she showed me that she was a loyal friend because she was always there for me. If I needed a shoulder to cry on, or if I made a bad joke, she was always there. In other words, she was a good surprise for me and my family, so it can be compared to opening a gift. During the time it takes to open the gift, we can start thinking about what this gift might be. Also, you can guess by the shape, but only until you open the gift you may know what it will be. Second, gaining a new friend can be a bad thing and also the gift can be an ugly thing that you don’t need. I remember a horrible person that I met in Miami. He tried to try to be my friend and I was glad that someone did important things in order to be my friend, also he picked my kids up, helped me with money, and he looked like a good friend. However, I never imagined that all these attentions were to try to get my wife’s attention. This was a terrible experience in my life and I don’t need friends like him. In addition, one time, my friend gave me a beautiful big box when I saw this big gift, I was excited and I decided I would open it first, so I didn’t enjoy my birthday party because I was thinking about the gift....
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