Fundamentals of Speech Chapter 7 Assignment

Topics: Great Depression, Herbert Hoover, Frasier Crane Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: November 9, 2012
SPH 2241 – Fundamentals of Speech (Stiefel)

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Below are arguments based on faulty reasoning. Identify the fallacy used (use a fallacy only ONCE): 1. Loaded WordsIt’s ridiculous to worry about protecting America’s national parks against pollution when innocent people are being attacked by terrorists. 2. Red HerringThe proposal is likely to be resisted by the business-as-usual bureaucrats on Capitol Hill. 3. Celebrity EndorsementQueen Latifah promotes Cover Girl Cosmetics, so they must be good quality. 4. HearsayMy friend heard on the news the other day that the U.S. will declare war on Iran. 5. Question BeggingSince I'm not lying, it follows that I'm telling the truth. 6. Slippery SlopeIf we allow the school board to spend money remodeling the gymnasium, next year they will want to build a new school and give all the teachers a huge raise. Taxes will soar so high that businesses will leave and then there will be no jobs for anyone in this town. 7. Invalid AnalogyRaising a child is just like having a pet: you need to feed it, play with it, and everything will be fine. 8. Personal AttackI can’t support Senator Smith’s proposal for campaign finance reform because of all that time he spent in rehab back in the 1980s. 9. Hasty GeneralizationFred, the Australian, stole my wallet. Thus, all Australians are thieves. 10. False DillemaIf you don’t support the war in Iraq, then you don’t support the troops. 11. Authority FigureNoted psychologist Dr. Frasier Crane recommends that you buy the TurboSpa Hot Tub. 12. Either OrWe must either increase tuition or cut back on library services. 13. Arguing From IgnoranceSince you cannot prove that ghosts do not exist, they must exist. 14. Complex QuestionHave you stopped using illegal sales practices? 15. Prejudicial LanguageA godly person would agree that social programs must be maintained. 16. CoercionOnly those employees who want to keep their jobs should show up to the...
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