Fundamental Requirements of Montessori Tools

Topics: Mistake, Error, Object Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: April 11, 2013

2.Explain the fundamental requirements of Montessori tools? Ans- The fundamental requirements of Montessori tools are: A).The control of error

A child notices a mistake in the use of materials ,so every effort should be made to see that the materials offered to a child contains themselves a control of error .We can take an example of wooden bases with holes to receive cylinder of graduated dimensions, from thin to thick , short to tall, or small to large. The holes in the wooden base corresponds exactly to the cylinders, and all this letter cannot be wrongly replaced. At least one will be left over, so this will betray the fact that an error has been made. The same remains buttoning. If the button is forgotten or buttoned in wrong hole, the mistake is shown in the end of the hole. Same remains in all the other materials, three series of blocks, size and colours, etc, mistakes are noticed in all materials and that a child becomes use to it in spotting errors himself. The control of error through the material makes a child use his reason, critical faculty, and increasing capacity of drawing attentions. A child’s mind is conditioned to correct his mistakes this way even when this are not material or apparent to the senses. The whole environment, everything in the room from the furniture to the special material for t he children is designed to make it easy to correct mistakes, and not objects just to use for the training of the sense and development. The whole environment becomes a kind of instructor or sentinel on the alert, and each child...
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