Functions of Management

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Functions of Management
Management is the main function of any successful business, organization, or association. Management is made of four distinct categories, planning, and organization, leading controlling. The four functions of management have different characteristics, but once conjoined they all form the characteristics of a successful manger

The text Management: The New Competitive Landscape Chapter One defines the four functions as follows: Organizing is assembling and coordinating the human, financial, physical, informational, and other resources needed to achieve goals. Leading is stimulating people to be high performers. Planning is specifying the goals to be achieved and deciding in advance the appropriate actions needed to achieve those goals. Controlling, monitors progress and implements necessary changes.

Leadership is an essential part of management. Being one of the four universal functions of management, leading is arguably the most important function. In the twenty-first century, more businesses and companies required their workers to work more on team operations rather than individually. One of the most effective elements to those teams' success is its leaders. Without the management of a strong leader, a team can only go so far. All organizational leaders are responsible for operational coordination and maintenance within the organization, as well as engage in boundary-spanning activities that link their constituent units with their environments

Organizing - Successful organizations must manage resources and control the diverse range of projects operating within their systems at any one time. To be successful in the current business climate, organizations need to focus on how to manage the many competing requirements for resources. Conflicting resource requirements across multiple projects and corporate priorities not centrally managed usually are grounds for failure. I believe that a properly organized enterprise project...

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