Four Functions of Management

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The Four Functions of Management

"Henri Fayol was the 1st to describe the Four Functions of Management when he was Chief Executive Officer of a large mining company in the late 1800's. He noted that managers at all levels operating in a for profit or not for profit organization must perform each of the functions of management." (Miller, 2005, pg. 5-9) These four functions of management consist of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These four functions will be addressed as well as how they relate to the company in which I am employed and the role in which I play within that company. Planning in management is the process used to identify and select appropriate goals and courses of actions for an organization. "Planning is the thinking that precedes the doing." (Maddux, 1998, p 4) During the process of planning, to ensure that it will be effective, a determination needs to be made on the goals to be pursued, how to attain the goals and how resources will be allocated. This first function of management determines how effective and efficient the organization is and helps to determine the agency's strategy. The agency in which I work has been effective for many years in establishing goals and allocating resources. They are one of the frontrunners in the space industry and very often are able to strategize more effectively than other agency counterparts. In my organization, my managers require that we have weekly planning meetings that allow us to establish goals for the week and determinations on how those weekly goals will be met. It is my responsibility, along with the other logistics specialists to work to meet the weekly goals established and make reports of the progress or the lack thereof. In the organizing function of management, managers create the structure of working relationships between company employees that best allows them to work together and achieve goals. This allows for the setting up of departments according to...

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