Functional Behavior Assessment Paper

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Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Support Plan
Lynnette Meinig
June 5, 2013
Nicola Harris

Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Support Plan
Functional behavior assessments are important to teachers and students because I believe that all children behave a certain way for a reason. Children who have disabilities as well as children who do not have disabilities behave in inappropriate ways and a functional behavior assessment can help to determine why so that a plan can be developed to correct the behavior. Negative behavior is a reaction to something happening in a child's life or an imbalance in the child. A child with an imbalance will benefit from a functional behavior assessment because there is a good chance the imbalance could be found and corrected so that the behavior of the child will change. Not all imbalances are fixed by medicine but some can be and certainly do cause unwanted behaviors. The imbalances in children once they are realized from the results of a functional behavior assessment allows the parents and children to make changes to allow the child to behave in a more appropriate fashion. This is a self explanatory reason for the importance of functional behavior assessments. Children have a past and sometimes that past causes children to behave in ways that are inappropriate. A functional behavior assessment will help to analyze the child's behavior and could even lead to understanding what has happened in their life. The assessment could reveal that a child has been abandoned, abused, neglected, or even unloved. The functional behavior assessment would help to explain which of these sad things happened to the child. Once the wrong has been identified the correction in the family situation can be fixed but the behavior still needs to be corrected. The functional behavior assessment will also help to identify what possible fixes for the child could be used to apply to the correction behavioral plan....
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