Functional Areas of Management

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Areas of skills and practices are categorized according to the four main functions of management, including planning, leading, organizing, and coordinating. Preparatory texts in management frequently manage their topics according to the equal or similar classification.           

However, the four functions are in fact highly integrated when passed out in the day-to-day realities of in succession an organization. Therefore, the reader should not get trapped up in trying to closely investigate and appreciate complete, clear basis for the categorization of the skills and practices. In addition, various experts would oppose on what skills and practices should be compulsory for basic, entry level managing. Various functional areas of management are:

·         Production(Manufacturing) management
·         Marketing management
·         Financial management
·         Personal management
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1.      Production management:  
Production means formation of utilities by converting raw objects in to final creation by different scientific methods and set of laws. It is very essential field of managing. Various sub-areas of the manufacture department are as follows. Production planning: Managers has to arrangement about different production policies and production methods. Plant lay out and location: This area deals with designing of plant arrangement, make a decision about the plant location for various products and providing different plant utilities.       

HTML5 Video not supported by this browser. Please update or install Flash. Research and Development: This area deals with research and developmental actions of manufacturing branch. Refinement in existing product line or build up a new product is the most important activities. Material management: This area deals with purchase, storage space, issue and manages of the material mandatory for...
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