Functional Areas of Business

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Functional Areas of Business
Claudia Portillo
MGT/521 - Management
September 4, 2014
Robert Cantu

Functional Areas of Business
What is a manager? How is the role of a manager and the functions within the business field imperative to companies? Why is having a manager so necessary or crucial to any type of business? These are only a few questions that might have come across so many people within any job or career, however, a managers’ job is so vital and essential that it could break or build the structure of a company, franchise, corporation, etc. There are so many responsibilities of a manager that are fundamental. These obligations can be on a day to day basis (short term) as well as they can be the future (long term) of the business. In addition to their duties of managing, are interferences or outside factors that managers may have no control over that can hinder with the success of any business. “Management is the practice of coordinating and overseeing the work of others so that organizational goals can be accomplished. Managers ensure business success through efficiency and the effective use of employees, the business's most important resource” (MBA Module, MBA Overview: Management).This MBA Module is a great way of knowing all the aspects within the functional areas of business that a manager will face in order to perform their job. A manager deals with managing, business law, human resources, leadership, accounting, finance, economics, research/statistics, operations, marketing, and finally strategic planning. A manager wears so many “hats” on a daily basis that he needs to know how to perform his duties. There are four very important roles of being a manager. They are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. However, these four roles are just the basis or basic structure of their job. There is so much more to managing with in these four factors listed. According to the article, “Four...
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