Functional Areas of a Business

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Functional Areas of Business
Sharon Oliveira
April 22, 2013
Heather Rideout

Functional Areas of Business
An area of a business that helps make it function is marketing and the other human resources. The roles of the managers in this area include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. In businesses, managers have to accomplish a specific purpose and define an outline to achieve the set of goals that the business desires. Planning involves setting goals and strategies to obtain the goal. Organizing is another role a manager obtains. They decide who does the task, what tasks chosen, how tasks are completed and who makes the decisions. Managers in these areas take a leading role. A function of a leader is to solve conflicts and influence employees as he or she works. The managers must use the most effective communication to deal with behavior issues. The last to do is the controlling function. After the planning, organizing, and leading when finished it is time to evaluate the tasks to make sure everything is going as planned. Marketing and human resources deal with different issues and play different roles of businesses.

Marketing managers
Marketing managers for a long time have been appointed to manage decisions related to marketing mix. Managers, also develope a target marketing strategy and business strategy linked with marketing “by being a strong advocate for customers, and the marketing concept, and a connection between the customer and the product” (Gök & Hacioglu,). At the functioning level, the main traditional marketing “tasks include identifying and categorizing customer segments; determining a customer’s current and potential needs; developing and executing the individual components of sales, advertising, promotion, and service programs; and determining customers’ responses to rivals’ current and potential offerings” (Gök, & Hacioglu,). The most known emerging roles given to marketers in recent...

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