Fun at Work

Topics: Management, Employment, ManaGeR Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: April 4, 2011
|Sometimes the relationship with the management and the peers becomes the reason for an employee to leave the organization. The management| |is sometimes not able to provide an employee a supportive work culture and environment in terms of personal or professional | |relationships. There are times when an employee starts feeling bitterness towards the management or peers. This bitterness could be due | |to many reasons. This decreases employee’s interest and he becomes de-motivated. It leads to less satisfaction and eventually attrition. | | | | | |A supportive work culture helps grow employee professionally and boosts employee satisfaction. To enhance good professional relationships| |at work, the management should keep the following points in mind. | | | |Respect for the individual: Respect for the individual is the must in the organization. | | | |Relationship with the immediate manager: A manger plays the role of a mentor and a coach. He designs ands plans work for each employee. | |It is his duty to involve the employee in the processes of the organization. So an organization should hire managers who can make and | |maintain good relations with their subordinates. | |...
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