Frued Analysis to Goldie Locks

Topics: Sigmund Freud, The Story of the Three Bears, Porridge Pages: 4 (1381 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Kara Shapey
March 10, 2013
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The well-known fairytale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears has been around for centuries. It is a classic story that many children learn at a young age. The fairytale sets many morals for young kids to learn right from wrong when it comes to others personal property. The story of Goldilocks takes place in the forest. While Goldilocks decides to take a stroll in the woods she comes across a small house. The house belonged to a family of bears. A papa bear, a mama bear and a baby bear. She knocks on the door of the house, but no one answers. Goldilocks decides to do a bad thing and enter the house without permission. She walks in and comes across three bowls of porridge. A very large bowl which was papa bears bowl, a medium sized bowl which was mama bears bowl and a small bowl which belonged to baby bear. Goldilocks was very hungry so she helped herself to a bowl. The big bowl was way to hot for her liking, the medium bowl was to cold, but the small bowl was perfect for her so she ate it all. Afterward Goldilocks wanted to rest so she came across three comfy chairs. The big chair was to big for her, and the medium sized chair didn’t feel right either. She sat in the small chair and broke it. Goldilocks started to get very sleepy so she went into another room where she found three beds. A big bed that was to hard, a medium bed that was to soft and a small bed which was perfect for her to get some rest. While she was sleeping the family came back and had realized someone had broken into their home. Someone had eaten all of baby bears porridge and had broke his chair. The family scurried through the house to see who had entered without permission, and came across a little girl sleeping in baby bears bed! They immediately woke her from her slumber and startled her. Goldilocks screamed for help and then ran straight out of the house. Goldilocks never returned to the bears house again.

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