The Burning House-Buddhism

Topics: Buddhism, Mahayana, Gautama Buddha Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: May 4, 2014
The Burning House
In the parable of The Burning House it explains a story about a father saving his children. It pictures a neighborhood with a huge mansion that only has one entrance. The mansion is in poor condition, the pillars are tilted, the walls and fences are crumbling, and one day the house catches on fire. The father knew that he was capable of leaving the burning house safely, so he went outside. From outside the house the father told his children that the needed to leave the house because they were in danger, but the children were too absorbed in their games and playing with their toys that they didn’t want to leave. They ignored their fathers’ plea to leave the mansion because they could not see they were surrounded by danger as the house was on fire. First the father thought he could carry the children to safety, but then realized it would be impossible because the entrance to the house was very narrow. The father then decided to use skillful means to come up with a clever way to lure the children out of the house. He knew that they loved playing with their toys, and figured they would be interested in new ones. The father told his children that outside the house were three wonderful carts filled with new toys; one cart pulled by a goat, one cart pulled by a deer, and one cart pulled by an ox. The children became very interested in these carts the father told them about, and they rushed out of the house as they could not wait to play with them. However when the children came outside the three carts the father had promised to them were not there. The children then asked the father for the three carts they were promised as they sat in safety at a crossroad away from the house. The father then gave to each child the same type of large cart. These carts were tall and spacious and were adorned with many various jewels with many hanging bells. The tops of the carts were also decorated with many beautiful jewels. They had many pillows and fabrics on...
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