From a Book’s Perspective: the Human Life

Topics: Human, Mitch Albom, Developmental psychology Pages: 9 (3129 words) Published: August 4, 2013
From A Book’s Perspective: The Human Life

An Analytical Paper
Presented to the
High School English Department, Chiang Kai Shek College

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements
In English IV-3

Submitted by:
Antonio, Jane April Cheng

Submitted to:
Mr. Allan Rey S. Villaverde
February 2013
Topic: Human Life Through Mitch Albom’s Four(4) Novels
Thesis Statement: By thoroughly analyzing Mitch Albom’s four(4) novels: For One More Day, Tuesdays with Morrie, Have A Little Faith and The Five People You Meet in Heaven, we can summarize a typical human being’s life from childhood to death. Tentative Outline:

I. Introduction
A. Author’s Biography
B. History behind his works
II. The Human Life
A. Childhood
1. Family
2. Parenting
B. Adolescence
1. Learning
2. Relationships
C. Early Adulthood
1. Religion
2. Beliefs
D. Late Adulthood
1. Life
2. Death
III. Relating the Events from the Novels to The Human Life A. For One More Day
1. Family
2. Parenting
B. Tuesdays with Morrie
1. Learning
2. Relationships
C. Have A Little Faith
1. Religion
2. Support
D. The Five People You Meet in Heaven
1. Life
2. Death
IV. Conclusion
1. The Author’s Thoughts About His Books
2. Restatement of Thesis Statement

In the world of English literature, there are many authors who are very well known for their heartstring–tugging and breath–taking works that generally revolve around love, life and friendship. Some of those authors are Nicholas Sparks (author of The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Dear John and more), Paulo Coelho (author of The Alchemist, Veronika Decides to Die and more) and John Green (author of Looking For Alaska, The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns and more). One of those honorable authors who have written some of the most famous books the world has right now is Mitchell David Albom, or simply Mitch Albom. Mitch Albom, born on May 23, 1958 in Passaic, New Jersey, is the middle child of Rhoda and Ira Albom. Albom started out as a musician by teaching himself how to play the piano. He started joining and playing in bands, namely The Lucky Tiger Grease Stick Band. Although he finished college majoring in sociology, he still continued playing and performing music, also writing and producing songs for himself. He started taking interest in journalism during his early 20’s and voluntarily worked for the Queen Tribute, a local weekly paper. He then went back to school to further study about journalism, earning a master’s degree all the while making money and playing his tuition bills by working as a pianist. Eventually, he started working as a full–time writer and as a sports journalist in New Work. The For Lauderdale News and Sun Sentinel in Florida became his first job as a featured writer and sports columnist. In 1995, he married Janine Sabino and at the same time, re–encountered his former college professor, Morrie Schwartz who later on, will be his inspiration for his first masterpiece, Tuesdays with Morrie (1997) – the novel that started his journey to being an internationally known author. After this novel came along The Five People You Meet in Heaven (2003), For One More Day (2006) and recently, Have A Little Faith (2009). All of his novels revolve around the topic of life mainly because his inspirations always came from the persons he knew in his personal life. As mentioned before, his old college mentor, Morrie Schwartz, inspired him to write his first novel – Tuesdays with Morrie. Morrie Schwartz caught a disease called Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or simply known as ALS and some time after they had reconciled, Albom and Morrie started to meet each other once a week, on Tuesdays to be exact. That became of Tuesdays with Morrie wherein Albom had shared all their meetings’ memories and lessons until Morrie finally departed. For One More Day had been inspired mainly by Rhoda Albom, his...
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