A Book Without Words

Topics: Character, Life, Protagonist, Fiction, Genre, Magic / Pages: 3 (546 words) / Published: Jul 14th, 2013
The Book without Words
By: Avi
Book Report
The novel, The Book without Words is a two hundred and three page science fiction written by Avi. Avi is a famous author of over fifty books with different genres and purposes. He won two Newberry Honors and many other awards for his fantastic works. He lives in Denver with his family. His words of encouragement to young writers are write how you feel and believe. This book was published by Hyperion Books for Children in 2005.
The setting of The Book without Words is on a cold winter night in the town of Fulworth in the year 1046. Most of the story’s specific setting was in Mr. Thortson apartment. At the very beginning of the plot, on page two, the readers already acknowledge that the book is science fiction; since the main character Mr. Thortson is introduced by trying to discover a secret that will change the future. He is trying to invent the ability for people to live forever.
The three main characters that Avi creates is Mr. Thortson, Sybil and Odo the raven. Mr. Thortson was a dirty old man with baggy eyes and a long narrow deeply lined nose. He had green eyes, messy hair and a toothless mouth. His green eyes indicate his ability to perform magic giving the readers that the plot is magic based. His personality is one of stiffness and aloofness. He lived alone his entire life. Six months ago he took in Sybil as a maid to help him run the apartment. He kept her very separate and made a conscious effort to keep his distance from her. Sybil was an utterly poor thirteen year old orphan who Mr. Thorston acquired for a cheap price from a little pitiable slum. She was big boned and skinny with long tangled brown hair. Sybil was a very capable, motivated young girl, despite the fact she was uneducated. Odo is a black raven who Mr. Thortson used his magic power to change him from his original existence of being a goat to a raven. Since Odo lived with Mr, Thortson for many years, Odo himself was able to perform a very

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