From Your Own Opinion, Is It Important For Nurses To Study Ethics In Nursing Case Study
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From your own opinion, is it important for nurses to study ethics? Take a mental walk around your ward/department and watch the nurses at work. Do the nurses in your workplace apply ethical theories and/or ethical principles in clinical practice setting? What kind of values do they portray? What do you think of the current values in nursing ethics in comparison to the expected ethical behaviours for nurses? Write your thoughts in the Note book.
I strongly agree we as a nurse must learn ethics especially in ability to make a best decision during ethical dilemma happen in everyday at ward, as a professional nurse how we help patient in advocacy role, to handle it when involve our own personal moral value, belief and experience effect
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Z, 55 year old and diagnose as CAD (coronary artery disease), Muslim patient. Doctor R order of SC Clexane 40 mg STAT for thinner he blood clot. I was the nurse in charge for that patient, I was confusing either to serve that medicine or not by telling the truth or not for he religion believes. According to Jameton(1984),moral dilemma is characterized by conflicting but morally justifiable courses of action. I make a decision follow principle of ethical decision making by assessment about the patient strong background of religion belief, identify the problem as he religion belief contrast with treatment, then I plan to inform .After check with 7R of medication required, I explain the purpose of drug and contain of drug enoxaparin come from one type of pork. Im know patient got right to know it autonomy of refusing medication and know of information of treatment. ‘However, it is permissible to seek treatment with what is forbidden in case of dire necessity’ ( islam web, 2016). After the patient hears the explanation and he get more information from internet, he totally refused of that SC Clexane and very appreciates on what I did. Then I informed the consultant regarding above and change with another medication .Besides that, at here I also apply principle of veracity which is telling the truth and did not lie to patient and respect patient decision and religion inside principle of …show more content…
“ethics is truly the business of every practicing professional” ( Hamrie, 2002, p.176).That why we should have honesty and integrity to telling the truth, provides honest information to patient, document care honestly and accurately, some more it can build strong about nurse patient relationship. Secondly, I believe value of altruism is very important at Malaysia country also causes since childhood we learn moral about different religion with different races and belief, so we must understand cultures, beliefs and perspectives of others. Third, I believe it still our responsible to do our job professional according to nursing professional, to deliver a better care from different aspect.
Reality very up sad in current values in nursing ethics in comparison to the expected ethical behaviour for nurses. Some time, we scare to tell the truth and just give some medicine without telling the patient extra specific information, and then it show us we hire the right of patient about keeping information of treatment. Sometime we difficult to do decision, confusion happen, dilemma occur during treatment with the religion belief, example as above if some treatment we know it very need for the patient but patient cannot accept it due to religion

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