Frog Lab Report

Topics: Blood, Frog, Heart Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: April 12, 2015
Alyssa Perez 807
research question: how do bull frogs compare and contrast to humans ? background info;
A. animal kingdom
B. rana castles beiana
C. There habitat is anywhere near water and are mostly located in eastern america D. The bullfrog is a vertebrate because bullfrogs has a skeleton E. They have an endoskeleton because there skeleton is inside their body not outside F. Cold blooded because their body temperature need to change with the environment G. A bullfrog life cycle starts with the female and male frogs mating . The female frogs then goes off to the water and lays lots of eggs into the water. From those eggs tadpoles hatch and start swimming , eating water plants, and growing. They store fat in their tales.and breathe using gills. Tadpoles then start to sprout legs and arms, tail become shorter lungs form and gills start to disappear. they still live in the water. The next step in the last cycle is that they become froglets. There almost mature frogs with lungs, it can hop on land and still has some of it tails. The last step of the cycle is then to turn into an adult. The adult frog lives on land and eat insects . It breathes with lungs and have no tail.

H. Frog eats many kinds of food. anything that could fit in their mouth. they also eat their skin. I. A frog’s heart has three chambers (two atria, and a single ventricle), whereas a human’s has four (two atria, and two ventricles). The atrium of a frog receives deoxygenated blood from the blood vessels that drain the various organs of the body. The left atrium receives oxygenated blood from the lungs and skin. Both atria empty into the single ventricle, which is divided into narrow chambers that reduce the mixing of the two bloods. The ventricle contracts, oxygenated blood from the left atrium is sent into the carotid arteries, thus taking blood to the head (and brain). Then, the deoxygenated blood from the right atrium is sent to the pulmocutaneous arteries, therefore taking blood to the...
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