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  • The frog and man

    The Frogs tells the story of the god Dionysus‚ who‚ despairing of the state of Athens’ tragedians‚ travels to Hades (the underworld) to bring the playwright Euripides back from the dead. (Euripides had died the year before‚ in 406 BC). He brings along his slave Xanthias‚ who is smarter and braver than Dionysus. As the play opens. Xanthias and Dionysus argue over what kind of jokes Xanthias can use to open the play. For the first half of the play‚ Dionysus routinely makes critical errors‚ forcing

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  • Digestion and Frog

    Date:________________ Observations – Label ALL Parts of the Frog External Anatomy of the Frog – External Anatomy #7 [pic] Mouthparts of the Frog – External Anatomy #12 [pic] Digestive system and other Parts of the Frog – Digestive System #3 [pic] Urogenital System of the Frog – Urogenital System #4 [pic] The Frog Heart – Circulatory System #3 [pic] Questions: Use your knowledge of frogs to answer the questions below. 1. Describe how the eyes of a frog close. ________________________________ __________

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  • Glass Frogs

    plethora of trees which cover the tropical floor of the Andes mountains. There is one animal‚ the glass frog‚ that is native to this country and has a unique physical characteristic. Glass frogs have made their home in the forests of Ecuador and Peru and feature a translucent underside which makes their internal organs visible. They live remarkable two-phase lives‚ hopping from tadpole to frog. But there is an issue that has developed in the region of Ecuador relating to these unique creatures

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  • Frog dissection

    Background: As members of the class Amphibia‚ frogs may live some of their adult lives on land‚ but they must return to water to reproduce. Eggs are laid and fertilized in water. On the outside of the frog’s head are two external nares‚ or nostrils; two tympani‚ or eardrums; and two eyes‚ each of which has three lids. The third lid‚ called the nictitating membrane‚ is transparent. Inside the mouth are two internal nares‚ or openings into the nostrils; two vomerine teeth in the middle of the roof

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  • Life Cycle Of A Frog

    Marcio Pre-Degree I 3 March 2014 Life Cycle of a Frog Despite the fact that the frog is a small animal‚ in terms of symbolism‚ it is of some interest. In ancient Egypt‚ because of its fertility‚ as well as a striking transformation from egg to a tadpole‚ and then in the quadruped animal‚ the frog was considered strange creature and was a symbol of emerging and ever-renewing life. Often‚ the ancient gods of care arising out of the mire‚ depicted with frog heads. Goddess of child-birth‚ who was a good

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  • Frog: Word and Teacher

    Frog and Toad Are Friends UNIT by Arnold Lobel [pic] http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0064440206/ref=lib_dp_TFCV/102-2438701-9497711?v=glance&s=books&vi=reader#reader-link Kimberlee Fulbright Language Arts/Reading Lessons 03-27-03 Grade level: 2nd-3rd Purpose/Rationale: I am teaching this lesson because of student interest‚ teacher interest‚ and the GA QCC Standard LA.2.23 & LA.3.23 Integrates language structure (syntax)‚ meaning clues (semantics)‚ phonetic strategies

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  • Frog Lab Report

    Effects of Electrical Stimuli and Injected Reagents on Frog Hearts Melissa Higdon Section 05‚ Group 01 November 19‚ 2013 Introduction: The heart is a very complex muscle for all species. It is responsible for sending oxygenated blood throughout the body as well as sending deoxygenated blood to the lungs‚ and continuously circulate this way for as long as we are alive. Many things can be effected‚ for example how fast the heart beats or how much

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  • Frog Vs Toad

    Chelsie Stone Kim Hill English 1101 3 March 2015 Frog vs. Toad Most people find it difficult to distinguish a frog from a toad. They have a tendency to mix them up or think that they are the same thing. Although they seem so similar in appearance‚ they indeed have many differences including physical features‚ abilities‚ and the food that they consume. Frogs vary in different shapes‚ sizes‚ colors‚ and textures. They have smooth‚ moist skin‚ long stripy legs‚ and are likely to be found in damp habitats

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  • The Frog in the Hole Poem

    The Frog in the Hole — Devotional By Staff Very recently‚ Nathan (my 12 year old son) and I were in our back yard throwing Frisbee. He has gotten into Frisbee golf (disc golf) and was showing me some of the tosses he had learned. We were having a blast. During this fun time‚ Nathan walked over to a small sink-hole in the ground he had discovered a while back. The hole is about 5 inches in diameter and about 18 inches deep. Peering into the bottom of the hole‚ Nathan exclaimed‚ "The frog is still

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  • Frog Observation Paper

    In photo one‚ the frog is seen with no cuts‚ the skin is seen. The skin is smooth similar to a worm’s flesh. The skin has pores invisible to the naked eye inside to the naked eye shown in photo ten. The students could not identify what was that green structure shown in photo two. In photo three showing the webbed feet‚ the students noticed that the toes were connected‚ this must have been used for swimming‚ this similar to man made fins‚ which helps humans swim faster and easier. In photo four‚ the

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