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According to these philosophies French culture is nearer to teleology; Egoism and self- interest
French people tend to see themselves superior than other people because of the fact that the text saying ‘Thus the French tend to give the impression that France is the center of the universe around which the rest of the world rotates. One can quickly learn to resent the French belief in their cultural superiority and lack of immediate friendliness.’ Moreover, in the text ‘a golden age burst forth in the person of Louis 13, the Sun King, who proclaimed, L’etat, c’est moi, or I’m the state. He orchestrated his rule from the extraordinarily lavish Palais de Versailles, and during his reign, France expanded and built an impressive navy. Its language was spoken and its culture was emulated all over Europe.’ We can understand from here that when they living golden age, the King’s self interest was enough that to show how they grow this superiority with their culture. Furthermore, maybe the best paragraph which explain French people’s ego is that ‘The French much like Americans, have a romantic view of their country as being special and unique. Like a flawless bottle of vintage wine, French displays perfection in the land and its people. The French have mentally messaged the image of their borders into a hexagon, perfectly situated midway between the equator and the North Pole, balanced in soil and climate. Symmetry, balance and harmony – it all coalesced in one great land because the French supposedly willed it. This perception of symmetry and unity in the physical dimensions of this geographically diverse land is more wishful thinking than reality.’
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