French Revolution- Success or Failure

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This I believe: I believe in change changing us for the better

Change. It is a word of great wisdom.

What can we ever believe in? Happiness, glory, success? No, nothing is secure, nothing keeps. Everything is bound to change. But the question is, is it for the worse or for the better? I believe that changes change us for the better.

Very often, changes occur suddenly, abruptly, unexpectedly, and I am very much left helpless and clueless. Every new change to me is an unseen challenge, a labyrinth yet to be explored. It takes sheer courage, determination and perseverance for me to pull through a change, be it for the better or the worse. Yet i feel that the changes have educated me, taught me morals I can never learn in books. They have shaped my philosophies, my mind set, and my view of the world.

Yes, I may only be 14, but I certainly have been through many changes which have shaped me to become who I am today, and I definitely am grateful for those changes. To put it in cliche terms, "I would not be where I am or who I am were it not for them".

I was born in Hai Kou, a rather small city on the island of Hai Nan, China. At three months old I had been on board a plane. At eight months old I had travelled by sea on a military war ship from one city to another. By three years old I had been to three different countries and quite a few cities.

The constant change of environments meant a huge challenge to a toddler. Adapting to the ever-changing environments took a toil on the young me as I had difficulty adjusting not only to the frequent change between the climates of the different countries and cities, but also the food. There would be weird combinations of vegetables and fruits all blended up depending on the food available. I would cry day and night due to the discomfort of the ever-changing climates and the weird food combinations, and my poor mum had to put up with the incessant noise pollution.

However, as time passed, the "turbulence" at...
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