Freedom Writers

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Freedom Writers
“Freedom Writers” is one of movies about an idealistic but strong-willed teacher who transforms chaotic class of hardened inner city youths. The story focus where which also strongly rebukes racism and inner city gang activity, is not only emotionally powerful and intellectually stimulating; it is also uplifting and entertaining. The moral values of freedom writers are:

The students gained knowledge about the truth and the higher moral values, and then applied what they learned to their own life and the people around them. •If we want to be respected, we have to give it. As human being, we need to treat others with kindness and respect, because if we want to respect we need to respect other first. Such as, respect and treat our parent with kindness, as the result they will give their blessing and love to us back. •We should do the right thing because the right thing always lead us to goodness. For example, to gain something like successful in study we need to study hard and smart, not with cheating the exams. So that when get the result either it is good or bad, with our honesty people will respect us and will try to help us to success. •Don’t give up easily. Whoever we are, we must fight for the right but do not use the violence way. •The equality of law. When Eva become witness, she was an honest witness without supporting the wrong eventhough her own race. Her father didn’t want to talk to her anymore but the important one that she got her colour from the cambodian girl due to her bravery to bo honest. •There is no difference. Everyone has the same degree.

Sincerity can create the powerful objectives. The students along with Ms. Gruwel are become a family which is can not be devided. It’s proven by a boy that didn’t have the home to live in, but he has room 203 as his house. •The father’s love that always motivate Ms. Gruwel to move on eventhough after she had divorced with her husband.
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