Freedom of Speech

Topics: United States, MySpace, First Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Freedom of speech is one of the main pillars that the United States of America is built upon. It is very important to the public that the founding fathers made it the first amendment. However, when does a granted right become a threat? This is exactly the case that is at hand when one talk about the Internet. The internet nowadays is vey widely spread that one may say something in one part of the world and one minute later another reads it across the globe. Thus one must embark on the question of the whether there are some instances where it is okay to compromise the right of freedom of speech and actually limit it. I must admit that in a perfect world it would be okay in some instances that speech be limited on favor of the whole. For when there is a case where there is a threat to national security by calling protests over the Internet and creating chaos, then it is okay to limit speech. Another case where limiting speech is okay is in the case of pornography being censored and thus protecting teenagers and young one who have a wide access to the Internet from viewing these censored things. Moreover, issues of debate such as racism, religion, threats and drugs should also be censored for the safety and protection of the masses. However one must also remember one thing, how can freedom of speech be compromised when the first amendment clearly states that congress shall not take away freedom of speech? Thus, one must ask the question, is there such a thing as a compromise with the freedom of speech? There is no such thing as a compromise with freedom of speech, for it is either granted or it is not granted. The word ‘compromise’ means that a specific right would be taken away from you and thus one sees the controversy. How could we stop the threats to the society that are promoted over the internet while one still grants people the full right that the founding father granted them? If there had been an answer to this question then one would not have seen this much...
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