Freedom of Press

Topics: Mass media, Journalism, Publishing Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: October 17, 2007
What is freedom of press?
Nowadays, when world full of political events every single tries to tell us what happens in the world and be the first in spreading the news. Of course not all the people would like some news to be published. To the disappointment of such people in many countries laws that protect freedom of press and speech exist. Well, this is small loss. The most troublesome, is when the article or any other material deals with those who is first-hand connected with these laws. These people would do everything to prevent the material from publishing or to be published but not in original way. Personally for me it is the right to express your personal opinion and ideas, the right to be creative without a fear to be harmed. Freedom of press can be compared with freedom of choice. You can write the news the way that everybody would like you to write, or you can write them the way you want. It is your way of expressing your ideas and thoughts. What would you choose? First of all it is necessary to know some factors that would influence your decision, like the country where you live in, whether mass media is controlled by government, what aims you want to pursue by publishing this news, and probably the most important is what kind of person you are, whether you honest with your audience or not. It is known that country can be defined democratic by existence of freedom of press in it. Probably the most democratic country is US, and freedom of press (freedom of speech) is something that is natural for them. From early childhood they are taught that they can freely express their opinion without any fear, even if some people won't like to hear what they say. But even in this country work of Michael Moore "Fahrenheit 9/11" was prohibited. In some countries mass media is controlled by government. So, in such countries government decides what should go to the audience and what shouldn't. In such countries can easily close some newspapers or TV channels, or what...
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