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What is a bird sanctuary?
A bird sanctuary is a building or a place where most birds are kept. Bird sanctuaries provide several different habitats to satisfy the needs of a particular species of birds.

bird sanctuary - a building where birds are kept    
Bird sanctuaries
Bird sanctuaries are another option for enhancing open space. The following sections provide guidance in choosing sites and establishing and maintaining bird-friendly habitats. Bird species are extremely variable in their habitat preferences. A bird reserve (also called ornithological reserve) is a wildlife refuge designed to protect bird species. Like other wildlife refuges, the main goal of a reserve is to prevent species from becoming endangered or extinct. Typically, bird species in a reserve are protected from hunting and habitat destruction. Because of the protection they provide from such threats, bird reserves also serve as excellent locations for bird watching. Legal framework

The Government of India has introduced various types of legislation in response to the growing destruction of wildlife and forests. These are:

1. The Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 (Last amended in 2006)

The Wildlife (Protection) Act (WLPA), 1972 is an important statute that provides a powerful legal framework for:

Prohibition of hunting
Protection and management of wildlife habitats
Establishment of protected areas
Regulation and control of  trade in parts and products derived from wildlife Management of zoos.
The WLPA provides for several categories of Protected Areas/Reserves:

National Parks
Wildlife Sanctuaries
Tiger Reserves
Conservation Reserves
Community Reserves
National parks and Tiger Reserves are by law more strictly protected, allowing virtually no human activity except that which is in the interest of wildlife conservation. Grazing and private tenurial rights are disallowed in National Parks but can be allowed in sanctuaries at the discretion of the Chief Wildlife...
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