Franz Jaggerstatter

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Franz Jaggerstatter
Born on 20th May, 1907 in the small town of St. Radegund in Upper Austria, Franz Jagerstatter, was rejected by his country for not complying with military requests and was later persecuted. Jaggerstatter started in his early life as a in the church and became a sexton. He was spent his childhood living with his mother, Rosalia Huber, and stepfather/adoptive father, Heinrich Jagerstatter, on a small farmland. As Jagerstatter grew into youth he was well known to his dedicative farmer and family oriented. In 1936, he married to Franziska Schwaninger. They parented three daughters. Jagerstatter was a devoted to his parish church, in which he offered his a lot of time and service.

In March 1938, the Nazi Regime went to Austria. Jagerstratter was the only one known to vote against the annexation of Austria by Germany. Many people tried to convinced him to change his opinions and decisions against the Anschluss of Hitler. In the year 1940, he received basic training in the army. However, he began weighing his options and wanted to remain steadfast in his theological beliefs and was strongly supported by his wife. Due to his great role within the church, political and military affiliations were contradictory to his entire moral and refused any military training. Franz Jagerstratter sought counsel from St. Thomas More, St. Nicholas of Flue and the Bible. In March of 1943, he still refused to serve in the armies of the Third Reich, becoming an Anti-Nazi and openly announced his opposition of the military. Everyone feared for the worst, of all the brutality or scrutiny Franz Jaggerstratter would have to endure from the Nazi authorities.

The brave Jaggestratter was held into arrested and held in custody in Linz and went through a faith crisis. After being imprisoned for a couple of month, in the month of July 6th 1943, he was taken to trial before the national court martial. He was sentenced to be beheaded for sedition and was stripped of all...
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