France Country Notebook

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I. Principal industries
1. What proportion of the GNP does each industry contribute? The leading industrial sectors in France
Aerospace and defense
Telecommunications (including communication satellites)
Research and development

2. Ration of private to publicly owned industries: 1.2
French public sector firms grew to account for 21% of sales, 23% of employment, 28% of value-added, 30% of exports, and 53% of the fixed assets of all French companies.

J. Foreign investment
1. Opportunities

+ A haven for innovation: Its highly sophisticated Science and Technology really makes it one of the most preferred destinations to do business in the entire world. France is ranked first, ahead of the United Kingdom and Germany, for its effective corporate tax rate on R&D operations, thanks notably to France’s research tax credit. France is also the third leading recipient of R&D activities after Germany and the United Kingdom. + Falling labor costs and highly skilled labour force: The French government’s “Responsibility and Solidarity Pact” means that labor costs will be reduced by €30 billion by 2016. As of the second quarter of 2014, hourly labor costs in French industry (€36.81) were lower than in Germany (€38.49). + Special incentives given by government: The French government provides loans, grants and special tax treatment such as introducing some tax cuts for productive investments starting from the year 2010 for those who wish to invest in France. Thanks to the tax incentives provided by the government, as many as 639 new foreign investment projects were set up in France alone in the year 2009, out of these, 42 were in the R&D sector. It has also simplified and modified its corporate law and is also giving more attention towards innovations. It is also performing a comprehensive research in simplifying the patent filing system and improving the tax credits. + Fully open to globalization: It has a pro-business environment and is completely open to the world. 2. Which industries

There is lots of scope for investment in almost all the sectors in France. Some of the key sectors that are touching skies in France include automotive, Biotechnology, Software and Multimedia, telecommunications, Research and Development, Logistics and Computer Hardware & Peripherals. However, one key area where France really stands out from any other country in the entire world is the nuclear industry. France is the market leader in generation of electricity through nuclear power. It derives as much as 79% of its electricity through nuclear energy. Considering the importance of clean energy in future, France has already taken steps in the right direction and has become a hotbed of investment in this particular sector. => In conclusion, France is an attractive market for Thuong Dinh Company because of three following reasons: + Thanks to fully open to globalization, Thuong Dinh could easilly entry to France market without any restriction from government + France has a highly sophisticated transportation network including rail and road lines that connect France to other countries and a good telecommunications network that provides all kinds of support that is needed for all sorts of transportation and communication which make easilly for negotiation and transporting goods from Vietnam to France + Although shoes are not the favorable industry in France, it is still a huge opportunity for Thuong Dinh shoes because of inexpensive price which almost the French population prefers to "Made in France" ones which are relatively high price.

K. International trade statistics
1. Major exports
Total amount: $578.6 billion
Commodities: machinery and transportation equipment, aircraft, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceutical products, iron and steel, beverages Partners: Germany 16.7%, Belgium 7.5%, Italy 7.5%, Spain 6.9%, UK 6.9%, US 5.6%, Netherlands...

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