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Topics: Non-profit organization, Charitable organization, Voluntary association Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Tim Smith – Four P’s (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) SurveyMonkey Assignment


6 December, 2013

This marketing model would be based on a business that helps non-profit organizations create and implement ‘charity events’ that would help raise money for that organization. Any non-profit organization that has to gain attention and credibility within their community would be the target industry. Helping these organizations to be successful in their Public Relations activities through charity fund-raising events would be our main goal. CUSTOMER SOLUTION -

The customer solution that this survey would achieve would be to find out how often and what types of events interest members of the community, as well as finding out how much money the “everyday citizen” donates to these events. Creating an event to raise money that does not appeal or attract donors is a large waste of time and valuable resources.

The Logical Hypothesis that I would wish to achieve would be for the general public to clarify and state their level of participation in local community charity events that help raise money for those agencies. This knowledge would assist and lead to a better understanding of just what types of events would and could be more successful for the community that they live in. It is my hope that this survey proves that most people are still interested in the local causes that affect their own local community and that these same people are still willing to attend and donate money to these causes, if interest and awareness of the event can be generated beforehand by the organization. I think that my 4P model will cause the respondents question their own lack of participation in local charitable activities.

STAGE THREE: INTRODUCTION OF SURVEY FOR SurveryMonkey SURVEY HELP US HELP OTHERS: This survey is designed at allow you to be able to help us be able to better help others...
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