Community Oriented Policing

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Community Oriented Policing (COPS)
The Department of Justice COPS Office states Community Oriented Policing is a policing philosophy that promotes and supports organizational strategies to address the causes and reduce the fear of crime and social disorder through problem-solving tactics and police-community partnerships.

This paper will discuss who the stakeholders I see would be implementing a COPS program and looks at points of views for three of these stakeholders. This paper will discuss possible policy implementation and recommendations. Policy Stakeholders

A portion of the research conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of a community oriented policing program within our community included a survey of stakeholders. This survey was to gather information on the perspective of the stakeholders on community oriented policing program.

Included in the survey was a portion where the subject could rely their own personal views on a program of this nature in their community. The following are three views from those surveys.
Subject one, is police officer within the community and has been for the past three years. He believes that community policing will benefit the community by reducing crime, and improve relations between police and the community. His concern however, is that veteran officers may not be willing to accept a change to their current policing practices. This could result in negativity towards community members resulting in an increased animosity between the police department and community members. The surveyed officer believes that in order for the program to succeed, this issue must be addressed within the policy.

Subject two, is a 57-year-old member of the community and has been since birth. This community member also believes that the community would benefit from a community oriented policing program. This subject believes policy creators should research policies of those communities whom have thriving community oriented policing programs. This community member states that the community is eager and willing to support a program of this nature. However, in order for the community to continue support such a program, this community member would like a tool implemented by the policy to evaluate the success of the program.

Subject three, is a member of the city council and has been a member of the community for 12 years. This city council member also believes the community would benefit from community oriented policing. However, this subject believes that additional funds will be needed to support this program, and that those fund will increase the current police department’s budget. This city council member believes the community will have to help in finically supporting the program, and that the policy should reflect this support. Policy Claim

Currently within our city it does not have a formal community oriented policing policy. There are several community-based programs that have been created by civilians with some input from local law enforcement. These types of programs are the typical neighborhood watch, etc. that are only somewhat effective in certain areas. Recently there has been growing concern within our community and police department regarding the increase in pockets of crime. Many of these specific areas of concern had begun in the low to mid-level income areas and are moving into other areas within increasing incidents of burglaries and car theft.

Initially, upon deciding that community oriented policing could be of value in our community, research was conducted to determine the results of these types of programs in other police departments.

The most compelling information came from a report published by BJS in 1999. This publication summarized a 1998 report of surveys conducted regarding community perceptions of police involvement in 12 cities across the United States. In this report, “Eighty-five percent of residents surveyed in 12 cities reported satisfaction...
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