Four-Stroke Engine

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Connecting rod, Diesel engine Pages: 3 (1077 words) Published: April 3, 2006
Title: The Four-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the history of the four-stroke engine, how it works and some brief information to other types of engines. Thesis Statement: Internal combustion engines are very important to today's society, the four stroke engine is the most popular and important due to it long history of achievement and durability.

1.Attention getter- Imagine life without the engine, to be more specific the four-stroke engine or basic car engine. Everyday tasks, like coming to school, would know turn into journeys through the snow ,up a hill, both ways. All this because no-one ever invented this engine that helps transport most people today through all kinds of weather and other obstacles. 2.Ethos- Four-stroke engines have been around since the 1870's and are known, as well as used, everywhere today. I have been working on and around cars for about 6 years now, having seen many different engine types the four-stroke has definitely been one of the top performing engines. And although some of the engineers who design these engines don't take into account how hard they make the engines to fix for the mechanics I can still see the importance of having the four-stroke engine as a transportation device, plus it is one of the easier engines to work on. 3.Preview- There are a few key pieces of information that I wanted to go over with you today. First, a look at the history of the four-stroke engine, after that I will try my best to describe how the basic four-stroke works like one found in most cars today. Also there will be a quick overview of some other engine types. Transition- So let's take a step back so we can get a better understanding of this engine by taking a look at it's history. II.Body

1.In1876 the German engineer Nikolaus A. Otto invented the first ever four-stroke engine. It was nicknamed the "Otto" and was used in a moped type bicycle. A.Otto used the theories of...

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