Steam Engine

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Steam engine, Steam locomotive Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: May 25, 2014
How is the steam engine significant in history?
The original steam engine was built in 1712 by a man with a creative, innovative mind whose name was Thomas Newcomen. From a never ending search for energy sources came this machine which impacted and changed the world by maximizing production, efficiency, reliability and minimizing the total times to make products. Through this invention came radical changes in work as well as transportation. The countries that believed in this machines capabilities became economically dominant and rose above the countries who did not believe in its potential. The creation of the steam engine introduced many new advancements in both society, and industry which further revolutionized the world into what it is today. With the world relying on wind and water as the only power sources the idea of machine moving engines was inevitable. Thus, wind was inconsistent and unreliable and water was only available in certain locations. In the beginning of the industrial revolution the steam engine underwent many momentous changes and improvements which helped to create a variety of styles of efficient, unimagined forms of transportation. The first machine that steam engines were used for were trains. Railroads, once called Wagon ways were being used in countries as early as 1550. These railed roads were formed by wooden rails which horses pulled wagons across with greater ease than over dirt roads. Wagon ways were the beginning of modern railroads. In 1776, iron replaced these Wagon ways and furthermore developed into what was known as Tramways. The creation of the steam engine was a critical aspect to the modern railroad and trains because it provided steam-powered vehicles to replace horse drawn wagons. The first test to see how far the new and improved transportation method would hold up was held on February 22, 1804. The locomotive and its steam engine hauled a capacity of 10 tons of iron, 70 men and five other wagons across 9 miles...
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