Four Forms of Discourse

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Four forms of discouse

1. Exposition

In the first of this, exposition, the intention is to explain something: for instance, to make some idea clear to the reader, to analyze situation, to define a term, to give directions. The intension, in short, is to inform.

One of the four major forms of discourse, in which something is explained or “set forth”


Outdoor Education remains my favorite field trip of all time due to all of the memorable activities we experienced. For instance, I was able to touch and hold a wide variety of animals that I had never seen until I visited their science center. One animal was a blue tongue skink that reminded me of leather because it was dry and smooth. The chinchilla was also smooth, yet its fur was also the softest that I had ever felt. This goes to show that one can find similarities in unusual places. I would have never guessed that a reptile and a mammal would have anything in common, but their bodies were pleasing to the touch in different ways. In addition, I also was able to scale great heights when I visited the high ropes course deep in the forest. Once I had my safety harness and helmet, I surged upward on ladders and nets. The nets were not as challenging as the balance beam which turned out to be my favorite because of the patience and determination that were needed. I realize now that even something difficult can be fun. I hope to use this thought in other areas of my life because now I might achieve even more than before. Finally, I loved splashing around Lake Peters in the canoe with my partner. The direction on how to hold the paddle and how to steer were not that hard, but actually doing it on the lake was difficult. It became less difficult with the help of my partner because we had to work together to be successful. This means that two heads are better than one! Sometimes we depend on others to reach our goals. I have learned from this trip that there are many opportunities out there for us...
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